Requirements for working as an extra and joining the roster at GE Talent

While working as a Background Performer seems more like having fun than work, it is a job! Productions are paying you to be there because they need you!

These are musts for working as an extra:

  • You must be legally able to work in Canada and live in British Columbia.
  • Reliability - Your agent and productions need to know that when booking you on set to work, you will show up on time and do your job well.
  • Professionalism - Courtesy towards others on set, cleaning up after yourself, being on time and allowing cast and crew to do their job without distraction.
  • Availability - You must be available at least one day per week, free from other commitments. Weekends are very rarely workdays for productions.
  • Respect - Everyone has their own job to do on a production, including you! Give it and earn it.
  • Flexibility - Schedules change and work days may change at a moments notice. Try your best to accommodate.
  • E-mail - You will need a valid e-mail address and the means to check it at home or on your phone. Call time information is sent via e-mail ONLY and may be sent as late as 11pm. (you will not be able to go to a library, friends, etc. to check it)
  • Mobile Phone - You must have a mobile phone with texting capabilities. This is not optional. If your agent cannot get a hold of you, you will not receive work offers. It is also important that you are reachable for call time information.

To be on the GE Talent Roster you must:

  • Have a mobile phone with texting capabilities.
  • Have an e-mail address that can be accessed by either a home computer or mobile phone. You must be able to view attachments.
  • Keep your availability current using the on-line calendar.
  • Advise us immediately of any significant changes to your appearance or sizes.
  • Update mailing addresses, car information, etc.
  • Keep your commitments. If you accept a booking, we expect you to honour it. Anyone who does not show up to a booking will be removed from the roster immediately.
  • Respect your agent and casting directors time! This is important! We work 24/7 for you and our personal time is precious. Keep inquiries to office hours. Calls made to your agent outside of these hours should be emergencies only.
  • Call us back! We need to be able to contact you as soon as possible. Check your messages often! Casting won't wait all day to hear back about your availability. They will move on to another performer if we can't get a hold of you.
  • Have a copy of your current Notice of Assessment, or copies of your ID & bills ready at all times.
  • Be available. To be considered available any given day, you must be 100% free without other commitments.
  • Be available to receive call time information. This means checking your e-mail often the evening before your day on set. You MUST confirm immediately to let us know you have received the information.