Additonal Info you need to know!

You will be given a password for your AgencyClick profile. This will allow you to update your availability for casting and your agent.

Please only mark yourself available if you will accept a booking for that day. Casting uses this calendar to find available people, so only mark yourself as available if you will say "yes" to a booking.

If you are unsure, or are flexible for that day, keep it the neutral colour. Mark off any day you are unavailable.

Only your agent can mark you as "booked". Those days will appear on your calendar in red. Please keep your calendar updated and correct. Make changes asap.

Inform your agent of any additional skills, wardrobe, cars or props you have acquired.

Let us know if your sizes have changed and keep your photos current.

Non union performers are never guaranteed parking. Please keep this in mind when accepting bookings.

All upgrade/union questions should go to your agent.

Do NOT take anything valuable to set! We cannot guarantee that you will be allowed to take your bag, purse, phone, etc. on set with you.

Keep all the agency's phone numbers on you at all times.

If you are running late to set for any reason, call before your scheduled call time. (If you are driving, please pull over to make this call as soon as possible or use a hands free device.) It is always better that your agent lets set know if you are going to be late, in advance. (But don't be late.)

Check your messages whenever you are in holding. Your agent may be trying to book you for another day.

Keep in mind that once you are booked, it can be difficult to replace you. You may have been picked for your look, sizes or wardrobe. If you have accepted a booking and have been confirmed, you will not be replaced unless there is an emergency! If there is an emergency, let your agent know right away so casting can be informed. If you cancel or ask to be replaced for any reason other than an immdiate emergency, you will be removed from the roster immediately. No-shows will be removed from the roster regardless of reason.